Astrology for business

Juxtaposition is a consulting company with a difference – one that combines old esoteric wisdom with business knowledge –  to look at cycles and timing in your company. Astrological tools offer an unorthodox viewpoint for business issues and give a practical framework for business timing. Astrology has many techniques for gaining insight into all areas of your organisation.

Whether you are a freelancer, have your own company or need management advice in a bigger company, being in line with the zeitgeist of today can be a real advantage.

Juxtaposition works with companies to find their specific ‘DNA’  – finding that special spark that makes a company unique. This analysis is used as input for management and branding strategy, positioning and determining timing for various activities, eg. mergers, campaigns, new product launches. Astrologically based career profiling can put the right people in the right place too.

By understanding a company’s natural rhythms, you can make the right decision at the right time.  Juxtaposition can help you do this.