As people do, companies have a soul and a mission.

Mintzberg considers the theory of ‘organisational imprinting’ to be accurate. This states that the structure of an organisation mirrors the time period in which its branch of industry began. Juxtaposition takes this further. Time has a quality, and the quality of the inception date of a company will be inherent in any organisation. Translating this moment of time into practical language means insight is gained into your company’s mission and purpose. Your ‘DNA’ can be defined.

A focus on researching time.

By researching the past, information is consolidated regarding global cycles and how they work in practice. Country cycles, in particular in the Netherlands, the UK and the United States, are followed, building up knowledge as to how these cycles affect business. The larger global cycles have been studied in some depth by many astrologers so this material is also available to be applied to your business.

Companies are living entities and can react to people.

By understanding time, an understanding of the potential and drives of individuals can be gained. People can be compared to a company’s ‘DNA’ to see how they relate. Is an individual in the right place at the right time? And companies can be compared to other companies – should they merge, do business together, compete or be clients? What are these relationships?

Companies can learn from the past and make the future better.

Companies are made up of people and as such have been described as learning organisations. Astrology provides a framework for looking at patterns. The systems archetypes operating in a company can work negatively. If company members understand and acknowledge these archetypes and learn to develop the positive sides of them, they can be turned into strengths – to great advantage.

You know best.

The experts in any company are the people who are involved. Working together, using this unorthodox approach, offers an objective view of the issues you are working on. Juxtaposition excels in asking the right questions of the right people, so that your information can be put in a structure that helps you decide your next steps.