In de omgeving

‘…making your dream a reality’

Faye was asked to do the initial branding profile. When it comes to freelancers, she usually uses the horoscope of the person, as opposed to the start date of the organisation. However both are relevant and the choice of which to use will depend on the question asked. Freelancers are usually selling ‘themselves’, so the branding needs to reflect that.

In the omgeving
Marichel Weel

‘Starting for yourself after 15 years of employment is very exciting, if a little daunting. A lot to decide, a lot to organise. Doing what you are good at and letting others do what they are good at. Working with Faye was a real plus. It added a whole new spectrum of ideas to my thoughts about how I wanted to present myself. The result of working with Strut Your Stuff is more than the sum of a few services, it is exactly what you want it to be; making your dream a reality.’